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  • Angelo T. Affatato

    Category: Bakery/Deli/pizzeria
    Business Name: Leonardo's Italian Bakery and Deli
    Phone: 215-357-0357

  • Elena Austin

    Category: Funeral Director
    Business Name: Stillmans Memorial Chapel
    Phone: 215-324-8800

  • Bruce Beaton

    Category: Insurance
    Business Name: W. Bruce Beaton Co. Inc
    Phone: 215-942-2800

  • William J. Benz Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Law Offices of William Benz
    Phone: (215) 322-5599

  • Donald Berger

    Category: Medical Equipment and Supplies
    Business Name: Ascher Health Care
    Phone: 215-355-2710

  • Bud Beuttenmuller

    Category: Positive self-esteem through story & song
    Business Name: The Wonderful Story Man Inc.
    Phone: 215-947-0857

  • Dr. Gary L. Bowman

    Category: Business & Educational Consultant
    Business Name: Bowman Consulting Group
    Phone: (215) 322-8078

  • Jack Brunk

    Category: Automotive Repair
    Business Name: AAMCO
    Phone: 215-322-8600

  • Nicole Caggiano

    Category: Gymnastics
    Business Name: Leaps N Bounders Gymnastics
    Phone: 215-396-8802

  • Stephen R. Castle

    Category: Garden Centers
    Business Name: Castle's Garden Center
    Phone: (215) 322-0227

  • Edward F. Collins

    Category: Exterminators
    Business Name: S&G Pest Control
    Phone: (215) 355-9428

  • Stu Coren

    Category: Public Relations
    Business Name: Rosen-Coren Agency
    Phone: (215) 741-2003

  • Valerie Crapeau

    Category: Apartments
    Business Name: Huntingdon Woods Townhouse Community Grp
    Phone: 215-364-7474

  • Silvio M. DiPietro

    Category: Insurance
    Business Name: DiPietro Insurance Agency
    Phone: [267 684-6006]

  • Edward J. Donnelly

    Category: Police
    Business Name: Bucks County Sheriff Dept.
    Phone: (215) 340-8868

  • Kristin Fallstick

    Category: Original Wish Granting Non-Profit
    Business Name: Sunshine Foundation
    Phone: 215-396-4770

  • James G. Feeney

    Category: Garden Centers
    Business Name: Feeney's Nursery Inc.
    Phone: (215) 322-4300

  • Diane R. Fetscher

    Category: Financial Services
    Business Name: Oppenheimer & Co Inc.
    Phone: 215-887-7660

  • Joe Fiocco

    Category: Traffic Engineering
    Business Name: Fiocco Engineering
    Phone: 215-355-2089

  • Tracy Freels

    Category: Auto Parts Rep
    Business Name: SRS Marketing Co., Inc.
    Phone: 215-830-5000

  • Larry Fruman

    Larry Fruman

    Category: Computer Service
    Business Name: 123 Computer Support, LLC
    Phone: 215-322-6967

  • Russell V. Gibson

    Category: Concrete Ready Mix
    Business Name: TDS Inc.
    Phone: (215) 752-1925

  • Tom Gifford

    Category: Tree Service (Retired)
    Business Name: Tom Gifford Tree Service
    Phone: (215) 357-2476

  • John J. Gonzales Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Law Offices of John J. Gonzales
    Phone: (215) 322-2040

  • Ray Greenberg

    Ray Greenberg

    Category: Insurance & Investment Services
    Business Name: Financial Expertise
    Phone: 215-355-6100

  • Stewart Gritz

    Category: Wireless/cell phones
    Business Name: Wireless Zone
    Phone: 215-357-7357

  • Stewart Gritz

    Category: Junk Removal
    Business Name: Junk King of Bucks County
    Phone: 215-322-2727

  • Dr. Joseph Gurwood

    Category: Optometrist
    Business Name: Sunrise Eye Associates
    Phone: (215) 355-1300

  • Richard J. Habgood Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Richard J Habgood, Esquire
    Phone: (215) 295-7135

  • Tom Harkins

    Business Name: Century 21
    Phone: 215-593-9316
  • nharner

    Neil Harner

    Category: Web Design
    Business Name: Inverse Paradox
    Phone: 215-478-6586

  • SHarrison

    Susan P. Harrison

    Category: Title & Abstract Company
    Business Name: Greater Phila. Abstract Agency
    Phone: (215)244-7900

  • Theodore Hauptman Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Miller & Hauptman
    Phone: (215)396-2800

  • Douglas Horgan

    Category: General Contractor
    Business Name: Al Horgan General Contractors Inc.
    Phone: (215) 942-8911

  • Michael J. Hughes

    Category: Realtors
    Business Name: Olde Towne Real Estate Inc.
    Phone: (215)322-2020

  • Dr. Michael K. Kaner DMD

    Category: Dentist
    Business Name: Michael K. Kaner, DMD
    Phone: (215) 357-1306

  • Jim Kelley

    Category: Public Adjuster
    Business Name: Jim Kelley Public Adjusters
    Phone: 215-639-2435

  • Kurt Kennedy

    Category: Auto Dealer
    Business Name: John Kennedy Ford
    Phone: (215) 357-6600

  • Edward M. Kent

    Category: Realtors
    Business Name: Olde Towne Real Estate
    Phone: (215) 322-2020

  • Roy L. Knauth

    Category: Insurance
    Business Name: Reinard Insurance Agency
    Phone: (215) 357-8600 x130

  • Pradeep Kohli

    Category: Banking
    Business Name: Univest Bank and Trust Co.
    Phone: 215-354-3090

  • Penny Lafferty

    Category: Internet Brokers
    Business Name:
    Phone: 215-396-2996

  • Larry Laiken

    Category: Gifts & Candies
    Business Name: Snacks by the LB.
    Phone: 215-357-8427

  • James C. Lamb

    Category: Funeral Home
    Business Name: Lamb Funeral Home Inc.
    Phone: (215) 357-1260

  • Dr. Daniel F. Lavanga

    Category: Chiropractor & Life Coaching
    Business Name: Lavanga Chiropractic Center
    Phone: 215) 364-1112

  • Daniel J. Lawler

    Category: Judge
    Business Name: Honorable Daniel J. Lawler
    Phone: (215) 340-8200

  • Michael Lesher

    Category: Construction Management
    Business Name: Regal Constructionmanagement Inc.
    Phone: 215-364-1237

  • Bill Lowney

    Category: Petcare Services
    Business Name: Town and Country Kennel, Inc
    Phone: 215-752-3661

  • EMacConnell

    Ed MacConnell

    Category: Insurance
    Business Name: Total Benefit Solutions Inc
    Phone: 215-355-2121

  • Karen Madotto

    Category: Banking
    Business Name: First Federal Bank of Bucks County
    Phone: 215-639-3500

  • Dan Maggiani

    Category: Payroll Services
    Business Name: Payroll Service Solutions LLC
    Phone: 215-624-0922

  • DMarkowitz

    Dennis Markowitz

    Category: Accountant
    Business Name: Financial Group Plus
    Phone: (215) 364-8400

  • Scott Martin

    Category: Restarant - Bar
    Business Name: Chow 284
    Phone: (215) 357-9988

  • Brian McCauley

    Category: Sign Manufacturing
    Business Name: Felicity Visual Solutions, Inc.
    Signs * Graphics * Service
    Phone: 215-322-2140

  • Joseph McFadden

    Category: Government
    Business Name: Lower Southampton Township
    Phone: 215-827-6236

  • Raymond F. McHugh Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Raymond F McHugh Esquire
    Phone: (215) 364-7333

  • Bruce McIntyre

    Category: Credit Card Processing
    Business Name: VC Merchant Funding
    Phone: 215-478-3118

  • Deborah McKenty

    Category: Signs
    Business Name: McKeehan Sign Co.
    Phone: 215-322-2140

  • Rose McMenamin

    Category: Banking
    Phone: 215-206-5664

  • John McMenamin

    Category: Governmente
    Business Name: Lower Southampton Township
    Phone: 215-357-7300

  • Erica McNamee

    Category: Community Publications
    Business Name: Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc.
    Phone: 215-702-3405

  • Nelson Medynec

    Category: Office Furniture
    Business Name: Commercial Business Interiors, Inc.
    Phone: (215) 741-7000

  • Nicholas Milillo

    Category: Catering
    Business Name: M.E.I. Catering Inc.
    Phone: 215-364-2130

  • Dave Mock

    Category: Financial Services-Investment Advisor
    Business Name: Money Management Advisors, Inc.
    Phone: 215-322-7670

  • William Moosher

    Category: Signs
    Business Name: Bill's Signs
    Phone: (215) 947-2532

  • Danielle Newnam

    Category: Bank
    Business Name: Wells Fargo Bank - Feasterville
    Phone: 215-396-8080

  • Nissman-Salin OMS

    Category: Oral Surgery
    Business Name: Nissman-Salin OMS PC
    Phone: (215) 322-7810

  • Richard C. Osterhout Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Richard C Osterhout Esquire
    Phone: (215) 355-2440

  • Suzanne Pacitti

    Category: Bicycles
    Business Name: Guy's Bicycles
    Phone: (215) 355-1166

  • Tom Pagan

    Category: Office Supplies
    Business Name: OfficeMax
    Phone: 215-355-8900

  • Bob Palio

    Category: Event Services
    Business Name: The Event Center
    Phone: 800-229-1960

  • Edward M. Pokrywka

    Category: Insurance
    Business Name: Heritage Insurance Services Inc.
    Phone: (215) 322-8705

  • Linda Pupkiewicz

    Category: Library
    Business Name: Lower Southampton Library
    Phone: (215)355-1183

  • Roy Reinard

    Category: Insurance
    Business Name: Reinard Insurancy Agency
    Phone: (215) 357-8600

  • Shirley J Rocco

    Category: Realtors
    Business Name: E.W. Langel Inc. Realtors
    Phone: (215) 322-8900

  • Charles A. Roman

    Category: Funeral Home
    Business Name: Kirk & Nice Suburban Chapel Inc.
    Phone: (215) 354-0085

  • Rick Roode

    Rick Roode

    Category: Reverse Mortgages
    Business Name: Reverse Mortgages of PA & NJ, Inc
    Phone: 888-748-9300

  • Arline Rosenfeld

    Category: Veterinary
    Business Name: Buxmont Veterinary Hospital
    Phone: 215-741-0148

  • Robert A. Rovner Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Rovner Allen Rovner Zimmerman and Nash
    Phone: (215) 322-0411

  • Don G. Rubin

    Don G. Rubin

    Category: Printers
    Business Name: Associated Printing & Graphics
    Phone: (215) 322-6762

  • Joe Sauder

    Category: Engraving
    Business Name: Engraving Unlimited
    Phone: 215-674-8979

  • Steven Schmidt

    Category: Telephone & Voicemail Systems
    Business Name: Tele-Data Services Inc. since 1989
    Phone: (215) 942-7833

  • Ron Schwartz

    Category: Automotive Dealership
    Business Name: Colonial Nissan
    Phone: (215) 364-1100

  • Stephen M. Sell D.C

    Category: Chiropractor
    Business Name: Sell Chiropractic P.C.
    Phone: 215-942-2626

  • George C. Seymour LUTCF

    Category: Insurance
    Business Name: George C. Seymour Insurance Service
    Phone: (215) 355-6337

  • Edward Shannon

    Category: Government
    Business Name: Supervisor - Lower Southampton Twp.
    Phone: 215-322-2767

  • Arlene Glenn Simolike Esquire

    Category: Attorney
    Business Name: Arlene Glenn Simolike, Esq
    Phone: (215) 355-6179

  • Nikolaos Sitiros

    Category: Restaurant
    Business Name: Suburban Diner
    Phone: (215) 355-0155

  • Louis F. Spadaccino

    Category: Engineer
    Business Name: Tri-State Engineers
    Phone: (215) 357-5950

  • Eric Stamps

    Category: Automotive Dealership
    Business Name: Colonial Volkswagon Subaru
    Phone: 215-355-8800

  • Steve Tilsner

    Category: Signs
    Business Name: National Sign Shops
    Phone: (215) 364-9119

  • RTyrrell

    Rick Tyrrell

    Category: Sandwiches
    Business Name: Cheese Dawgs
    Phone: 267-684-6470

  • Alexandr Volchonok

    Category: Dentist
    Business Name: Alexandr Volchonok, DDS, DC
    Phone: (215) 322-7862

  • Michael G. Wade

    Category: Title & Abstract Company
    Business Name: Knights Abstract Inc.
    Phone: (215) 322-5095

  • Jane E. Ward

    Category: Non Profit
    Business Name: American Red Cross SEPA Chapter
    Phone: 215-919-1495

  • William Wiegman Jr.

    Category: Police
    Business Name: Lower Southampton Township Police
    Phone: 215-367-1236

  • Michael Wielehowski

    Category: Plumbing
    Business Name: Northern Mechanical
    Phone: (215) 322-6142

  • Frank Yost

    Category: Retired
    Business Name: Retired
    Phone: (215) 598-9242

  • Christina Zettlemoyer

    Category: Security & Alarms
    Business Name: Central CJ Alarm Co.
    Phone: 215-494-0160